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Copy of Copy of Success is balance

One of the most common things that stops us from moving forward in our business and smashing our goals is accountability or to be clear the LACK of accountability.

Being responsible and accountable can be especially difficult  for those who are not practiced in the art, maybe before you have been in paid employment, you had a Manager or team relying on the completion of your actions. When we don't have this so many people can struggle to follow through.

What simple steps can you take to overcome this?

1. Lists, lists and more lists

Did I mention lists?! You can create a list of the actions you need to take to reach your goal, it can be anything from creating some content, scheduling your social media, arranging a meeting, writing a blog post, updating your website and over time it will add up to a meaningful progress. Make sure you add a done by date date to each action to keep you focused.

This will give you a chance to compare your progress each day and an opportunity to choose actions based on when they are due. Working in this way will help to keep you focused and moving forward.

2. Tell someone about your intentions and goals

This is where an accountability buddy can be gold! Having a regular c heckin with each other and keeping them upto date with your progress will give just the right amount of 'pressure' or encouragement to ensure you get the job done.

3. Working with a Coach

Hiring a business coach to keep you on track is another way to fill that accountability gap, it is the same as the second strategy but with an encouraging element as the coach knows every detail about your business. A business coach understands the direction of your business and what you’re trying to accomplish, they will keep you accountable and give you the support needed to hit those targets on time.

Knowing where you’re heading with your business will make the coach’s job easier and more effective. With this type of support and encouragement, you will accomplish your objectives and generate the progress needed to grow your business.

Creating accountability when you work for yourself can be super challenging but it is down to you to find a way of filling that gap if you want to see any growth in your business.

I’ve listed methods to stop you from hitting that snooze button, now it’s your responsibility to find the right strategy to help you complete daily tasks and progress towards accomplishing your objectives.

If you would like to know more about how accountability forms a large part of our coaching relationship then don't hesitate to contact me at [email protected]

Make sure you head over to Instagram @wendywood_coaching and check out my accountability post, lets get accountable! 



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