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You have a BIG VISION. You feel destined to have an impact both on your own life and that of the people you support or work with. You want to build your business from the heart, a business that you love and that flows. You are ready to take the action.

But where to start? Doing this alone can feel overwhelming, no accountability, connection or support. You crave a community that will lift you up, have your back, listen, share and learn together on this epic journey that you are travelling.

Why travel it alone when we can travel it together.

This isn't like most memberships, this is a community, it's personal.

I will know your name and your business, your dreams and your goals. You will never be just a number in Glow.

Is this you?

You are looking for ongoing support from someone with a proven track record, support from your peers, focused actions, a sounding board, amazing learning opportunities, momentum and cheerleader in fact a whole community of cheerleaders and of course accountability! 

You are looking for all of this and more from someone who has already travelled the path of building not just one but three successful businesses! 

You may be new to business or maybe you've been at it for a while and have lost your mojo! 

This membership opportunity is something that my existing clients have been asking for and if I'm honest it's incredible for me to be able to stay connected with the amazing women I have already been working with as well as welcoming new clients who maybe aren't yet in the position to commit to a 1-1 coaching experience but are ready to commit to growth, getting focused and taking the actions.

What does it entail:

  • An initial 30 minute 1-1 Zoom with me (Wendy) so we can get to know each other and look at the key areas you are looking for support with  
  • Two Monthly 1hr Group Zoom Calls - a chance to support each other, plan the next steps, hold each other accountable and build an amazing community of women in business.                           
  • Closed Mighty Networks Group for Glow your Business Members to connect and support each other
  • Additional FREE access to workshops on business related topics
  • PDF planners & resources
  • Monthly social media content kit
  • Guest speakers/Workshops (Additional Charge)

What's the investment?

£22.50 per month.

PLEASE NOTE: there is a 6 month minimum sign up period to ensure commitment to this membership coaching experience.

So it's down to you, I am so ready to give you the support, encouragement, knowledge, experience and support. Are you ready to turn your hobby into a successful business, hitting your goals and working with joy towards your vision?

The doors to Glow your Business are currently open....

If not now then when?

You are ready to invest in yourself & your business, I can't wait to support you. Wendy

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Working with Wendy has completely transformed my business. I started 1:1 coaching which was fantastic and I was sad when it was over so decided to join GMB monthly group coaching. I love the monthly meetings and ongoing support. The main thing for me is the accountability. Wendy will always be there for me whether I’m sending a plan of my week over or have an idea I need to chat through. Being self employed can be lonely and this coaching group of amazing women means I now have lots of people to support me as well as Wendy. The topics and work that is set really makes me think about my goals and what I want to achieve, ultimately helping me to achieve them 🙌🏻 Highly recommend :)

Sarah Devonmade Design

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I joined Wendy's Glow YOUR Business coaching membership a few months ago and I can't explain how much it has helped my hypnobirthing business. Group coaching means I not only benefit from Wendy's expertise, but the other members of the group all bring their own valuable insight. Wendy's coaching is personable and impactful. She tailors the sessions to the needs of her clients and her extensive business knowledge is invaluable. Anyone who is thinking of taking the plunge and doing some coaching , I would highly recommend Wendy!

kelly @birthpositively

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I’ve absolutely loved being part of Glow Your Business membership. The support and advice from someone with so much experience in a business like mine is invaluable. Wendy offers guidance, accountability, great ideas and I feel really empowered being part of such a great group.

Claire @themumahubbirthdoula

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The Glow YOUR Business group coaching has been invaluable to me and I look forward to the regular online coaching sessions. Wendy is so great at creating a safe and supportive space where everyone feels comfortable to share their business challenges and support each other with the added guidance, advice and accountability that Wendy offers. Wendy provides huge value and doesn't hold back in sharing her knowledge and business expertise and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her for growing your business.

Charlotte Morris

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After meeting Wendy through Hypnobirthing Training I was inspired by her and really engaged with the way she taught and coached. When this opportunity came up I knew I wanted to be part of it. What I love is that Wendy is honest and raw, supportive and inspiring whilst providing and sharing professional advice and resources. She is always adapting what she offers at Glow and I can feel myself getting more and more from it as she does this. The new online system is amazing and the support outside the calls is second to none! I think Wendy is ace, not sure I'll ever not want or need to be part of something with her!

Shelley Thompson


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I completed Wendy's 1:1 coaching a few months ago which totally transformed and motivated me to build my business which is still growing. When I was offered the opportunity to join Glow your Business I jumped at it as I knew although I had come a long way I still had much further to go. I love sharing ideas with the other group members at our monthly online meet ups. Wendy shares all her knowledge and experience with the group and encourages me to set realistic achievable goals; accountability helps me to reach these goals. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Wendy's coaching and Glow your business if you are wanting to build your business but don't really know where to start.

Lucy Werber

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I have just joined Glow YOUR Business and had my initial spotlight session with Wendy. She is one of the most approachable, warm and friendly coaches I have worked with. I instantly felt at ease which made it so much easier to jump right in and tell Wendy all she needed to know about my businesses. I came away from my session energised, with a sense of direction and focus. This felt great after feeling so much overwhelm and frustration. It's only been a few days since the call, and already I'm feeling good about the things I've achieved. I'm so glad to be a part of Wendy's group and I'll be here for the long haul! Thanks Wendy!