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Wendy Wood

Hi, I am Wendy, Hypnobirthing Instructor, Midwife, Doula & Co Founder & Owner of The Little Birth Company. The Little Birth Company is an award winning and leading provider of Hypnobirthing Classes and Hypnobirthing Teacher Training in the UK and Globally.

Let's get started planning for a business you love.

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I am here to support you to truly connect to your visions and dreams and to grow the confidence to make them come true.

Are you wondering how I can support you in building your business?

I have been on the most epic journey and adventure over the last 12yrs of building my own businesses, I have learnt so much and grown as both a person and as a business woman. At the beginning of that journey I can clearly remember the overwhelm, the feelings of imposter syndrome and comparisonitus that seemed to be colluding to sabotage my dreams! It took consistent effort, learning new skills and ongoing mindset work and growth to give those dreams the momentum and belief that they needed. It wasn't always easy but it has always been worth it.

Whether you are new to your business or you've been at it a while, you are here because you are feeling stuck, the overwhelm has kicked in and you have lost the flow. You don't need to this alone, it can be such a relief to get the support from someone who 'gets it'.

Someone who understands how you are feeling and has already successfully journeyed the path, learning so many tips and tricks along the way and so very happy to share them with you now.

How can you work with me?


Dream it.

It all begins with a dream … maybe you have just launched your business. Maybe you have the training or the qualifications but you are feeling stuck. How do you turn your dreams into a thriving business that you love! Maybe you have been running your business for a while, but you have lost your flow and your purpose. Wouldn’t you love to grow a business with passion and turn those dreams into your reality?

Build it.

It all begins with a dream, with an idea, but how do you build on that idea? Maybe you have the training or the qualifications but you are feeling stuck. How do you turn a qualification or passion into a thriving business? You are probably feeling overwhelmed by your ‘to do list’. How do you even begin to identify those achievable actions that will get you closer to your dream? Working together we can do this with ease.

Grow it.

Now it’s all about creating momentum, finding your flow, building relationships and being consistent and reliable. We have so much at the touch of a button but we shouldn’t become complacent and think that our business will grow itself. Let’s create a business that is simple and scaleable. One that allows you the headspace to remain creative and that allows your passion to remain at the core of your business.

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